Friday, September 4, 2009

Running on the ocean

After an admittedly lazy running summer I started running again yesterday. The ship’s cardio room is pretty small and only had two treadmills that are constantly in use and the ship does not have a way to run a full loop on the ship like many larger cruise ships. After feeling a little cooped up and pretty lazy I decided to try running back and forth on the 7th deck outside the faculty staff lounge. Having been running on the beach for the last 5 years I thought that I really had it made, but this is even better. It is amazing to be running and see the ocean spreading out all around you for as far as the eye can see.

The ocean breeze potentially giving the faculty and staff in the lounge a view more than they had anticipated as it tosses my shirt and running shorts about, the ships tipping giving me a bit of an incline and the sunshine giving me a healthy dose of vitamin D. I’m going to try and have a friend take a few pictures as I run back and forth. I think it might become one of my favorite things. Also, I usually go around 4:30 thus keeping me out of the staff bar for happy hour – that’s a good thing.


  1. YAY for running! Exactly what kind of show are the faculty and staff getting? Are you showing them your deck?

  2. wait, running on deck 7? is that what you are calling it? Vitamin D? really?

    Tell the truth how is it that you came about all those ones and were able to buy a round at the fac/staff preport party. hmm I may have to catch this "show" you say your putting on