Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rocking the boat and chasing the clock.

Our first day at sea with the students had a few rocky moments. The sea was not rough at all by seasoned sailors standards but there were multiple times while looking out my window all I saw was water, then sky, then water, then sky, then water, then…well you get the point. My dresser drawers flew open and the juice on my shelf slid into the catch bar (those ship engineers really knew what they were doing). It was as if I was riding one of the big pendulum pirate ship rides at the fair.

It’s a strange enough to loose an hour each spring but for the past three days in a row we have been loosing one hour each night. Tonight the captain has given us a break but only for tonight, tomorrow and the day after its back to the 23 hour days. However after Cadiz we will gain two hours in one evening before reaching Ghana, only to lose an hour for two nights in a row when we leave. It makes my head spin and I can’t even imagine trying to figure out what time it is now back in LA.

Cheers, P

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