Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here are some good pictures that I found on line (from facebook of course). It gives a nice idea of what to expect on the ship.

The MV Explorer - My home from August 24-December 14th

I'll be boarding with the rest of the staff 4 days before the students. I can't wait to board for the first time.

My room is on the bottom deck of the ship so I'll have a port hole window. This picture is taken from the inside wall looking out. You can see the door, the closet on the right, the bathroom is on the left. A small TV is mounted into the shelf with a small fridge in the unit below. A desk with mirror will be perfect for my computer. It will be nice to have the room to myself so I can spread out a bit, as I tend to do where ever I go.

The ship has a salon (and spa) all services are added to your shipboard account and you 'cash out' at the end of the journey. This also applies for all the drinks, so please remind me to check my account from time to time.

There is a small fitness room with a few treadmills and other machines. I've been told its ALWAYS packed.

Obviously there is some great outdoor spaces. You can see the pool in this picture.

The students are on the ship to learn and its my job to remind them of that. Hopefully students will use the library from time to time.

I think the ship has 6 regular class rooms but I have seen many pictures of what looks like class taking place on the outside decks as well.

I can't put into words how excited I am to go on this journey. Hopefully I'll find the words along the way so I can tell you all about it.