Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sorry China, I'm cold.

After our days on the Great Wall, we made it to Beijing. We payed a very quick visit, so quick it was really more of a drive by of two of the Olympic sites - The Birds Nest and the Cube. We did not have time to go into either and most of our group just went to McDonald's anyway. It was much colder in Beijing than it was on the wall, so after the long day on the wall I just wanted to get warm and take a shower. I did a quick look at the buildings and got back on the bus. I later learned from people on other trips who were able to go into the Birds Nest, that the Cube - where the swimming and diving events were held is being turned into a water park!

The next day we had a visit to Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City but again it was SO AMAZINGLY cold that we rushed through it. As a staff member I was trying to be good and not complain but I was ready to get back on the bus and just head to the airport and return to the ship. Maybe I can come back to China some day and if so, I'll do it in the summer. Sorry China. Don't let that big goofy smile fool you, I was pretty miserable

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