Monday, December 7, 2009

One day in Shanghai

The view from the ship when we arrived to Shanghai!

While I hiked the great wall the ship made the short journey from Hong Kong to Shanghai- so when we arrived back to the ship we arrived to our new home for the next day. I spent my last day exploring with the Beckers and AB. It was a rainy Monday and the museum we wanted to go to was closed, so we went to Starbucks and McDonalds. After that we continued to walk around and found ourselves in a crazy four floor market place with hundreds of booths selling everything and anything; underwear, luggage, Christmas decorations, hair extensions, belts, tea sets… We made no purchases and continued our aimless walking. We came across a Dunkin Donuts and we took the opportunity to take sanctuary from the rain.

After drying off a bit and warming up we braved the elements again and went underground to catch the train to the other side of the river and explore the down town area. We found ourselves at the base of the pearl but choose not to go up to the top. Somewhere in our journeying we got word via AB’s blackberry e-mail that due to rough seas ahead the captain had pushed our on ship time from 6pm that evening to noon the following day – YAHOO! AB and I tried to walk to the one of the tallest buildings in the world called the ‘bottle opener’ because of the cut out on the top floors that resembles a bottle opener but as the city was TORN UP by construction preparing for the world expo next May we found ourselves lost in a maze of dead ends and almost but not quite there’s and as the rain picked up I decided to call it a day and we went back to the ship. I eventually went back out with the Beckers to spend the last of my Chinese currency on snacks and a few odds and ends. We set sail the following afternoon and headed to Yokohama, Japan.
I saw this in a sign shop window. My response "No thanks, I've got plenty"

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