Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You should be in pictures!

I forgot about this until I was looking in my desk drawer this morning! While E, G, and I were at the bar one night this woman whose name we later learned is Irene asked me if I was a model and said I look like some actor whom I have never been compared to before and I kindly said no, but thank you. I didn’t pay much attention to her but enjoyed the complement none the less. In my incessant people watching Irene and I made eye contact a number of times. A short time later she came across the bar and said “I had it wrong – you look like Keanu Reeves” a comparison I have gotten on a few occasions. She again asked me if I was a model and I said no. She looked to E and G and asked if we were locals and I shook my head and said that I live in Los Angeles. Her eyes lit up and went into her purse and gave me her card and told me to send her some pictures if I was interested.

I know how pompous this sounds but this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. It is however one of the more legit situations where its not a modeling school looking for me to pay them, or some sketchy guy at a fashion show in SF who said his friend has a clothing line who needs models and then stalks me for a year (but that’s another story). Should I send Irene a few photos and tell her I’ll be back in LA in December?


  1. Yes....send her some pictures. And yes, it's a rough life when people keep bothering you with invitations to model for them. It's a lot to put up with, but I'm sure you can do it.

  2. Do it P, then maybe you really can be on the side of a coke machine! The possibilities are endless.