Thursday, August 20, 2009

We all have our baggage...

...and mine shattered into a million pieces. A million pieces of junk!

At the end of a long day of flying I was happy to get off the plane and ready to get my bag. Dad and I were waiting and as soon as I saw it coming toward me on the carousel I knew something wasn't right. What should have been a flat bottom was rounded. I tried to pull it off and heard the pieces of the bottom support shuffle and crack even more. UGH!

Annoyed and struggling to roll it out of the Charlotte airport I figured, I better get to the store, I need a new bag for Saturday. Upon arriving to my parents house I was welcomed by a batch of famous Mommy Lynn cookies so that took my mind off the luggage situation for the night. Now, my mom likes a challenge and she was one unhappy little Irish woman when she found out about my bag. She called Samsonite and asked what we needed to do in order to get a new bag or my money back. They told her to take it to a luggage store in the mall and we would have to pay to have it shipped back. If Samsonite determined that it was damage due to the airport then I was out of luck but if it was a product defect they would repair or replace it. So off to the mall we went. I guess the base of the bag has been a reoccurring problem because almost as quickly as we walked into the store, the guy working went to the back and got me a new bag with no hassle at all. Cheers!

My parents and I will head to Norfolk Saturday morning and I will see the ship for the first time, I can't wait. The adventure is a few days away.

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