Wednesday, August 12, 2009


How does one pack for a three and a half month trip around the world?! How many pairs of jeans? Is 6 pairs of shoes too many? Should I bring my own wine opener? Will my small bag be big enough for my excursions? How often will I get my laundry done on board. Is two weeks worth of underwear enough?!?!
I know that thousands of people have done it before but I am having a hard time. Its a bonus that we are ending our voyage in San Diego and will not need to fly again on the way back- I imagine that I will add a few things to my bag along the way, if not another bag entirely. While I leave LA in 5 days I will have a few days in North Carolina with my parents before I to Norfolk to board the ship. I'll be doing my 'final' shopping in NC where I'll pick up the stuff I don't want to fly with like full bottles of shampoo and conditioner, office supplies, and 3 months worth of Doritos.

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